Rosenshine vs TLaC (Lemov)

It is encouraging to see “Teach Like a Champion” being, er, championed around the Twittersphere, and wonderful to see people posting pages from the book and others cooing and cocking their head in curiosity and wonder – with an open mind. Why you would do anything else? I have heard rumours that there are someContinue reading “Rosenshine vs TLaC (Lemov)”

Bringing Coaching to Life

Schools Week reported from ResearchEd18 that Sam Sims (associate research fellow at FFT Education Datalab) described Instructional Coaching as “probably the best evidenced form of CPD known to mankind”. Bringing coaching to life in schools — edited version originally appeared in the TES in 2019 (or was it 2018?). Bringing coaching to life in schools.Continue reading “Bringing Coaching to Life”

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